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The Hound of the Baskervilles

directed by Don Hirsch

February 28-March 2


The Cast

Lady Agatha Mortimer - Hanne Williams

Perkins - Rachel Fightlin

Watson - Gregory Gerdel

Sherlock Holmes - Huck Davies

Mrs. Barrymore - Betsy Connor

Sir Henry - David Sardi

Barrymore - Curtis Wright

Kathy Stapleton - Laurie Roth

Jack Stapleton - Charles Cavanaugh

Seldon - Jack Mosley

Laura Lyons - Nancy Tompkins


The Hound of the Baskervilles, 1980
The Hound of the Baskervilles, 1980


The Crew                                                

Producers - Sally "Roses" Mehegan & Lara Peterson

Director - Don Hirsch

Asst. Director - Elan Stevens

Technical Director - Jack Mosley

Set Designers - Debbi Kehoe & Courtney Fisher

Lighting Designer - Bruce Mangan

Sound - Paul Comey

Stage Manager - Jascha Dunes

Properties - Patty Berns & Cathy Morrison

Costumes - Cyndy Hyde

Make-up - Deb Kehoe & Ellen Crafton

Hair Designer - Peggy Orr

Photographer - Jack Hurdman

Set Construction - Jack Mosley, Debbi Kehoe, Curtis Wright,

Russ Chalom, Carol Duley, Ken McMurtry, Read Deveraux

Three One Acts

May 29-June 2

George's Room by Alun Owen

The Cast

A Woman - Patty Berns

A Man - Frankie Fulton


The Crew

Director - Elan Stevens

Asst. Director - Rachel Flightlin

Asst. Director - Lara Peterson

Zoo Story by Edward Albee

The Cast

Peter - Courtney Fisher

Jerry - Huck Davies

The Crew

Director - David Sardi

Asst. Director - Debbi Kehoe

Overall Production Crew

I'm Herbert by Robert Anderson

The Cast

Herbert - Mitchell Kontoff

Muriel - Nancy Groff


Director - Leo Cohen

Asst. Director - Barbara Wright

Producers - Gregory Gerdel & Curtis Wright

Technical Director - John Jaeger

Stage Manager - Karen Wender

Set Designer - Don Hirsch     Lighting Design - Leo Cohen     Artistry - Ellen Crafton & Karin Ware     Set Decoration - Elan Stevens

Set Construction - Hanna Williams, Jennifer Howard, Ann Seitzinger, Reed Devereaux , Laula Stevens, Allen Stevens

Properties - Joan Rae Sipple     Make Up - Becky Kaufmann     Hair Design - Peggy Orr     Photographer - Jack Hurdman


by Herb Gardner

August 15-20

A Delicate Balance

by Edward Albee, directed by Leo Cohen

October 31-November 10


The Cast

Agnes - Hanne Williams

Tobias - Huck Davis

Clair - Nancy Groff

Edna - Audrey Mixer

Harry - John Jaeger

Julia - Jennifer Howard


A Delicate Balance, 1980
A Delicate Balance, 1980.jpg
A Delicate Balance poster, 1980.webp


The Crew

Producer - Mitchell Kontoff

Asst. Director - Patty Berns

Stage Managers - Cindy Hyde, Nancy Holton

Set Design - Donald Hirsch

Set Construction - Edward Berns

Set Crew - Patty Berns, Hanne Williams, Curtis & Barbara Wright, Jan Campbell, Randy Kaplan,Read Devereaux, Don Hirsch, Jennifer Howard, John Huyton, Audrey Mixer

Lighting - Curtis Wright

Properties - Barbara Wright, Chief, Joan Rae Sipple, Maureen McQuade, Sharon Kellermann, Gail Bolton

Hair Design - Peggy Orr

Graphics & Advertising - Ron Barger (Art Direction Magazine Award Winner for Poster Desgin)

Photographer - Jack Hurdman