Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

by Tim Kelly, co-directed by Shannon Sanborn and Doug Bergstein



Follow that rabbit to a delightful, entertaining world of childhood fantasies.  Alice journeys into a world of talking animals, comic royalty and races where the contestants run in circles!  There are also the Mad Hatter’s frantic tea party, the watch-carrying White Rabbit and talking flowers.  Along the way Alice must deal with a sneezing duchess and a baby that turns into a pig!  The finale has Alice watching a trial, but she suddenly finds herself the accused!  The play gives a modern view to an old classic, where nonsense makes quite good sense. Alice's Adventure originally took place on the Valley Players stage in 2010.


Planned show days, times, and tickets:


Fridays & Saturdays @ 7pm - $16

Saturday & Sunday Matinees @ 2pm - $12


$10 opening matinees on the first weekend, date TBA

The Cast

Alice - Zoe Blackman (Waitsfield)

White Rabbit - Cassandra Demarais (Barre)

Mouse - Kirsten Reilly (Warren)

Mock Turtle - MIkki Nucci (Waitsfield)

Lory - Marci Robinson (Warren)

Dodo - Charlotte Robinson (Warren)

Red Queen - Danielle Howes (Fayston)

Soldier One - Annie McMillion (Waitsfield)

Knave of Hearts-Gabrielle Tamasi (Montpelier)

Soldier Two - Susan Loynd (Fayston)

Queen of Hearts - Rachel Natvig (Northfield)

Caterpillar - Bobbi Rood (Warren)

Fish Footman - Liam Hannon (Duxbury)

Frog Footman - Marci Robinson (Warren)

Duchess - Gabrielle Tamasi (Montpelier)

Cook - Susan Loynd (Fayston)

Cheshire Cat - Paul Cavaliere (Montpelier)

Tweedle Dum - Marci Robinson (Warren)

Tweedle Dee - Charlotte Robinson (Warren)

Mad Hatter - Wes Olds (Montpelier)

March Hare - MIkki Nucci (Waitsfield)

Dormouse - Kirsten Reilly (Warren)

Rose - Gabrielle Tamasi (Montpelier)

Lily - Cassandra Demarais (Barre)

Daisy - Bobbi Rood (Warren)

White Queen - Ashley Hall (Warren)

Knight - Liam Hannon (Duxbury)

Humpty Dumpty - Wes Olds (Montpelier)

King of Hearts - Paul Cavaliere (Montpelier)

Sister - Annie McMillion (Waitsfield)

Haley Behn as Alice in the 2010 production

Marie Schmukal and Rob Graham in the 2010 production