Join the Show

Join the fun on stage!  There is still room for acts!

To be in Cabin Fever Follies all you need to do is come up with a brief 2-4 minute act...dancing, singing, jokes, story telling, banjo playing, juggling, lip synching, anything that you think would entertain others also suffering from Cabin Fever. 

If you are a veteran act, just give Director Doug Bergstein a call (498-3498), if you are new, come to auditions no matter how far along your act is prepared. Questions, help, suggestions or if you want to be on stage, but can't make it to auditions, email us below!

Be a Raisinette

Raisinettes are people who have a secret yearning to be on stage and don't want anyone to know or people who want to be on stage and want everyone to know everything. They run around between acts with strange costumes on holding signs with messages from the audience. These messages cost a small donation, the proceeds of which go to a local charity or organization. Meanwhile, if you want to be a Raisinette email us below