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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens,

directed by Ruth Ann Pattee

The classic tale of the reformation of a miserly businessman was performed live on Zoom Dec. 17-19.

CAST OF A Christmas Carol:

Scrooge – Matthew Grant Winston

Bob Cratchit – Wes Olds

Fred Merry – Jay Carpenter

Mr. Mumford, & Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come –Brent Adams

Mr. Barnes, Second Man – David Ehrlich

Caroler, Boy - Aiden Heath

Mr. Badger - Paul Cavaliere

Mrs. Badger - Nicolette Cooper

Ghost of Marley, Old Joe - J. Louis Reid

Spirit of Christmas Past - Sara Lee

Scrooge as a boy, Peter Cratchit - Tarin Askew

Fanny, Tiny Tim - Molly Carpenter

Scrooge as a Young Man, Topper - Josh Huffman

Fezziwig, Jones - Doug Bergstein

Belle, Sarah - Jillian Holland

Spirit of Christmas Present - Barry Bolio

Mrs. Cratchit - Taryn Noelle

Belinda Cratchit - Camille Edgcomb

Martha Cratchit, Julia - Therran Adams

First Man, Stevens - Richard Pritsky

Maid 1, Mrs. Belle Kemper - Andra Krushenick Kisler

Maid 2, Mrs. Dilber - Rachel Natvig

Margaret Merry - Lauren Ruth Bushway

Mrs. Mangle - Robbie Harold

A Life Altering Event by Jeanne Beckwith Directed by Doug Bergstein

Technical Design by Ruth Ann Pattee

A contemporary mystery performed live on Zoom January 21-23, 2021


Dan - Seth Mikle

Judith - Jessica Della Pepa

Keith - Josh Morse

Bonnie - Lauren Ruth

Mary - Charlotte Norris

Detective Dolan - Michael LeMay

Unicorn from the Stars by David John Preece

directed by Susan Loynd

Featuring Aimee Clement and Doug Bergstein in a fictionalized story about the poet/writer Sylvia Plath during her time living in England, and her friendship with one of her neighbors. Winner of the 2020 Valley Players Playwrights Award

The production was filmed on Nov. 7.

Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw

directed by Ruth Ann Pattee

Best known to contemporary audiences as the non-musical version of My Fair Lady, the play tells the story of a Cockney flower girl transformed into a refined lady by an unconventional professor of phonetics.
The production took place Nov. 5-7


Professor Henry Higgins – Michael LeMay
Eliza Doolittle – Emma Walker
Colonel Pickering – Richard Pritsky
Alfred Doolittle – Matthew Grant Winston
Mrs. Higgins – Rachel Natvig
Mrs. Eynsford-Hill – Shannon Sanborn
Clara Eynsford-Hill – Jillian Holland
Freddy Eynsford-Hill – Wes Olds
Bystander/Mrs. Pearce – Marci Robinson
The Bystander – Brent Adams
Parlor Maid - Ruth Ann Pattee