The VP began in the 1960's, went dormant for about 6 years, when in 1979 a stalwart band of adventurers who had been reading plays all winter long at each other's houses, decided to put on a play. The first play was "Harvey" in the the Fayston Elementary School gym and the next was "Cactus Flower", our first play in what is now the Valley Players Theater. 

In 1988, the Valley Players purchased their portion of the theater from the Oddfellows and over the years added heating, electrical systems, a workshop and a green room. Since 1979 the VP has produced about 4 shows a year and opened its doors to other performing artists and groups and is the home of KidsACT! presenting workshops for children grades 1 through 9.

The Mad River Valley community and all our patrons have supported the Valley Players generously over the years which means we have operated in the black the whole time. As a viable, non-profit community theater, The Valley Players purchased the highly successful Craft Fair in 1989. Staffed by Laura Arnesen and a horde of volunteers, the fair provides support to maintain our building and ensure that we continue to provide arts and entertainment in the Valley.