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 4th Annual Mad River Story Slam

Saturday April 13, 2024 @7:30

The 4th annual Mad River Story Slam will take place on Saturday, April 13 at 7:30. This year’s theme is “Misadventures” - true stories about how things didn't go exactly as planned for whatever reason, or perhaps the plan was flawed all along but it happened anyway. Storytellers scheduled to appear are Charlotte Robinson of Warren, Lorretta Pontillo of Milton, Shevonne Travers of Waitsfield, Susan Loynd of Fayston, Bridget Edwards of Winooski, Dennis McSorely of Burlington, Bobbi Rood of Warren, Marci Robinson of Warren, Tobin Mollet of Milton, and Sue Richardson of Beverly, MA.

The performance will be hosted by Susan Loynd and Doug Bergstein. Tickets are $10 and are ON SALE NOW!

Story Slam logo.png

Susan Loynd

Photo  by Susan Loynd


Doug Bergstein

Photos by Kintz

Check out this interview with some of the organizers & participants of last year's show!

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