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"In The Zone"

Feb. 18-21 & 25-28 2010

Tom Badowski
Abby Burfoot
Tom Byrne
Amy Carst
Donna Charron Cristen
Liam Hannon
Linda Iannuzzi
Andra Kisler
Dan Krymkowski
Celia Lawton
Sarah McDougal
Jim O'Neill
Sam Robinson
Emily Rondeau
Marie Schmukal
Cynthia Seckler
Harry Shepard
Sal Spinosa

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Directed by Doug Bergstein,Henry Erickson,Teresa Langston
Producers: Ruth Ann Pattee & Cynthia Seckler
Stage Manager: Jeanne Beckwith

Remember the sixth dimension beyond that which is known to man? That middle ground between light and shadow? That lies between the pit of man’s fears and the sunlight of his knowledge? Well, it’s baaaack!

The series is made up of 6 short plays presented by three directors and 17 or so actors. Four plays will be presented each night. Each play offers tales similar to those stories told on “The Twilight Zone”, of people confronted with fears of the unknown and other-worldly encounters. “Rod Serling brought entertainment to viewers through the form of parable”, said Teresa Langston, one of the production’s directors. “This art form allows these stories to translate very well to the stage”.

Themes found in the plays include Man vs. Machine, robots, aliens, dreams, and other mysterious situations.

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