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"Soup du Jour"

June 22 - July 8 2001

Nina Brennan (Duxbury) as Katherine, the intrepid reporter who uncovers the secret about the secret recipe and falls in love.
Billy Hannon (Duxbury) as Franklin, the best friend of Stewart and the bartender everyone confides in.
Jennifer Howard (Fayston) as Shelly DeCoco, the tasteless food critic in search of the next scandal who has her own secret.
Martin Pincus (Moretown) as JP, the lovably irascible editor in search of the story to sell newspapers.
Ruth Ann Pattee (Warren) as Tiffany, the gold (should we say restaurant) digging debutante.
Jon Sanborn (Barre) as Stewart Bailey, the very nice guy who owns the restaurant Tiffany is marrying.

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Directed by Mitchell Kontoff
Joan Foster (pianist, conductor)
Dan Bruce (pianist, conductor0
Diana Stone (violin)
Shep Resnick (clarinet)
Bob Dansker (bass)
Cody Sargeant (percussion)

"Soup du Jour" is an enchanting musical comedy that takes you back to the days of the classic romantic comedies of Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, and Spencer Tracy. The son of a famous restaurateur, a missing soup recipe, and a society debutante with her eye on both; a tough-talking reporter disguised as a waitress, her editor, a powerful food critic, and a humble bartender are just a few of the ingredients in this delicious tale of betrayal, gossip, slander, love, and of course, soup!

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