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"The Mystery of Edwin Drood"

June 24- July 10 2005

The Chairman - Jack Bradt

Edwin Drood - Colleen Mays

John Jasper - Michael LeMay

Princess Puffer - Pam White

Rosa Bud - Andrea Bonamico

Neville Landless - Andrew Hudson-Sabens

Helena Landless - Laura Zingle

Reverend Crisparkle - Jake Barickman

Bazzard - Bryan Wockley

Durdles - Adam Tyksinski

Deputy - TBA

Wendy - Megan Turner

Beatrice - Susan Evans

Flo - Nina Brennan

Horace - Tom Badowski


Holli Nickleson, Megan Turner, Susan Evans,

Kathryn O’Neill, Shannon Pitonyak Nina Brennan,

Tom Badowski, Bryan Wockley, Adam Tyksinski

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Ruth Ann Pattee, Director/Producer
Tim Guiles, Music Director

This wildly warm-hearted theatrical experience kicks off when the Music Hall Royale (a hilariously loony Victorian musical troupe) "puts on" its flamboyant rendition of an unfinished Dickens mystery. The story itself deals with John Jasper, a Jekyll-and-Hyde choirmaster who is quite madly in love with his music student, the fair Miss Rosa Bud. Now, Miss Bud is, in turn, engaged to Jasper's nephew, young Edwin Drood. Our title character disappears mysteriously one stormy Christmas Eve-but has Edwin Drood been murdered? And if so, then whodunnit? Musical numbers include The Wage of Sin, Perfect Strangers, Both Sides of the Coin, Don't Quit While You're Ahead and Moonfall. The giddy playfullness of this play-within-a-play draws the audience toward one of DROOD'S most talked-about features, which allows the audience to vote on the solution as prelude to the most unusual and hilarious finale!

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