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A Delicate Balance

Oct. 31-Nov. 10, 1980

Agnes - Hanne Williams
Tobias - Huck Davis
Clair - Nancy Groff
Edna - Audrey Mixer
Harry - John Jaeger
Julia - Jennifer Howard

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Director - Leo Cohen
Producer - Mitchell Kontoff
Asst. Director - Patyy Berns
Stage Managers - Cindy Hyde, Nancy Holton
Set Design - Donald Hirsch
Set Construction - Edward Berns
Set Crew - Patty Berns, Hanne Williams, Curtis & Barbara Wright, Jan Campbell, Randy Kaplan,Read Devereaux, Don Hirsch, Jennifer Howard, John Huyton, Audrey Mixer
Lighting - Curtis Wright
Properties - Barbara Wright, Chief, Joan Rae Sipple, Maureen McQuade, Sharon Kellermann, Gail Bolton
Hair Design - Peggy Orr
Graphics & Advertising - Ron Barger (Art Direction Magazine Award Winner for Poster Desgin)
Photographer - Jack Hurdman

The uneasy existence of upper-middle-class suburbanites Agnes and Tobias and their permanent houseguest, Agnes' witty and alcoholic sister Claire, is disrupted by the sudden appearance of lifelong family friends Harry and Edna, fellow empty nesters with free-floating anxiety, who ask to stay with them to escape an unnamed terror. They soon are followed by Agnes and Tobias's bitter 36-year-old daughter Julia, who returns home following the collapse of her fourth marriage.

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