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Critic's Choice

Nov. 23- Dec. 3, 1984

Parker Ballantine - Curtis Wright
Angela Ballantine - Gerette Buglion
John Ballantine - Peter LaBrusciano
Dion Kapakos - Richard B. Kuglics
Essie - Judy Schmelter
Charlotte Orr - JoAnn Flanagan
Ivy London - Lucy Marion

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Directors - Wendy Cohen and Tony Egan
Producer - Mitchell Kontoff
Stage Manager - Pia DeCew
Set Design - Candy Barr
Set Artists - Billy Brauer (chief), Nancy Taplin, Ulla Behn, Pam Court, Candy Barr
Set Construction - Mitchell Kontoff, Tony Egan, Emery Woodall, Candy Barr, Debbie Shigo, Nickii Buck, Barbara Balch
Lighting Design - Leo J. Cohen
Light Operators - Debbie Shigo, Tom Buckowski, Dawn Flanagan
Props - Hanne Williams, Barbara Balch, Read Devereux
Costumes - Read Devereux
Poster Design - Tom Bentley
Photography - Sandy Macys

A play in three acts, Critic's Choice tells the story of theater critic Parker Ballantine whose second wife, Angela, writes a play which is produced on Broadway. The play is awful and Parker must decide whether or not to review the play honestly.

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