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Night Watch

Oct. 23-Nov. 10, 1981

Elaine - Hanne Williams
John - Curtis Wright
Helga - Jan Campbell
Vaneli - Mark Walker
Appleby - Ron Anderson
Blanche - Patty Berns
Lt. Walker - Mark Bortner
Dr. Lake - Cindy Hyde
Hoke - Phillip Tillson

Business Graphs

Director - April Hyson
Producers - Pam Kennedy and Laurie Thomson
Set Design - Ellie Friml
Lighting Design - Bill Friml, Curtis Wright
Costumes - The Cast and Assorted Friends
Graphic Design - Ron Barger
Stage Manager - Sharon Kellermann
Lighting Assist - Barbara Wright
Properties - Philip Tillson, Old Tymes , Past Times, The Blue Toad, The Mill Restaurant
Makeup - Rebecca McGee
Hairstylist - High Country Coiffures
Photographers - Jack Hurdman, Mark Walker, Pam Kennedy
Set Construction - Bill & Ellie Friml, Shelby Friml, April Hyson, Jennifer Howard, Laurie Thomson, Phillip Tillson, Curtis Wright

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