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Reefer Madness

Nov. 12 - Dec. 5 2010

Tom Badowski (Jack)

Cassandra Connor (Mary)

Ashley Creighton (Placecard Girl/ Ensemble)

Patty Delaney (Ensemble)

Sharon Dube (Mae)

Sue Fetherolf (Ensemble)

Tom French (Jesus / GoatMan)

Mariah Karr (Ensemble)

Nina LeMieux (Sally)

Matt Messier (Lecturer)

Holly Mugford (Ensemble)

Shannon Pitonyak (Ensemble)

Marie Schmuckal (Ms. Poppy / Ensemble)

Ryan "Rooster" Towle (Ralph)

Kimberly Ware (Ensemble)

Brian Watson (Jimmy)

Ken Winter (Ensemble, Homeless Man / Parent)

Business Graphs

Jay Ekis (Band)

Christa Lang (Costumes)

Victoria England (Makeup)

Joan Foster (Rehearsal Pianist)

Gina Lavorie (Costumes)

Clare McCaffe (Makeup)

Heather Pagel (Costumes)

Shannon Pitonyak (Producer)

Jasmine White (Director)

Vivianne White (Makeup)

Originally created as a 1936 film to warn parents and their teenage children about the dangers of marijuana use, "Reefer Madness" has been turned into this campy HIT musical. Going for the laughs, it is packed with over-the-top characters, featuring a pusher, his girlfriend, a couple of well-mannered kids who get hooked by the pusher and an assortment of other sad characters. The group spirals into a world of marijuana misery. Watch as these characters discover marijuana is not for them and sing their way through life’s troubles and unfortunate events with catchy songs and 40's style dance.

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