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The Glass Menagerie


Amanda: Kitty Coyne
Laura: Lindsay Repka
Tom: Matthew Grant Winston
Jim: Michael Smith

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Director: Michael Halloran

Producer: Ruth Ann Pattee

Assistant Director: Ashley Hall

Set Design: Michael Halloran

Set Decoration: Andrew Roy

Lighting Design: Irene Halibozek

Lights and Sound Operator: Mikki Nucci

Costumer, Hair & Makeup: Catie Smith

Playbill: Shannon Sanborn

Publicity: Ruth Ann Pattee

Photography: Michael Halloran

Directed by Michael Halloran (Barre) with Assistant Director Ashley Hall (Warren) the play grapples with questions of family loyalty as well as the fragile illusions we live by, which can so easily be shattered. “Williams, by holding each of his characters up to the light like one of Laura’s glass figurines, presents four characters in conflict both with each other and with themselves, and does it in a compassionate yet unflinchingly honest way,” said Halloran. “There are no villains or heroes in this story, only people trying their best in an impossible situation.”

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