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The Hound of the Baskervilles

Feb. 28-March 22, 1980

Lady Agatha Mortimer - Hanne Williams
Perkins - Rachel Fightlin
Watson - Gregory Gerdel
Sherlock Holmes - Huck Davies
Mrs. Barrymore - Betsy Connor
Sir Henry - David Sardi
Barrymore - Curtis Wright
Kathy Stapleton - Laurie Roth
Jack Stapleton - Charles Cavanaugh
Seldon - Jack Mosley
Laura Lyons - Nancy Tompkins

Business Graphs

Producers - Sally "Roses" Mehegan & Lara Peterson
Director - Don Hirsch
Asst. Director - Elan Stevens
Technical Director - Jack Mosley
Set Designers - Debbi Kehoe & Courtney Fisher
Lighting Designer - Bruce Mangan
Sound - Paul Comey
Stage Manager - Jascha Dunes
Properties - Patty Berns & Cathy Morrison
Costumes - Cyndy Hyde
Make-up - Deb Kehoe & Ellen Crafton
Hair Designer - Peggy Orr
Photographer - Jack Hurdman
Set Construction - Jack Mosley, Debbi Kehoe, Curtis Wright,
Russ Chalom, Carol Duley, Ken McMurtry, Read Deveraux

Holmes’ most spine-chilling mystery is placed in a modern setting in this version – with suspense, humor, and terror. Sir Henry is heir to the vast Baskerville fortune, a legacy that comes with a family curse: death at the fangs of a horror that prowls the moor. Only Holmes can stop the beast. While mysterious lights signal Baskerville Hall and the hound terrifies the countryside, the sleuthing begins and suspicion falls on sinister servants, butterfly collectors, ladies in distress, and escaped convicts. Who wrote the letter that summoned the hound? Is Sir Henry’s romance with the lovely Kathy doomed? Is the supernatural at work?

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