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The Sandwalk

Nov. 22- Dec. 2, 1985

Charles Darwin - Huck Davies
Emma Darwin - Jennifer Howard
William -Peter LaBrusciano
Henney - Rebecca Martz
Francis - Spencer Potter, Jr.
George - Douglas Palardy
Rose - Dawn Elliot
Parslow - Jim Dodds
Brodie - Hanne Williams
Erasmus Darwin - Hunter Chapman
Thomas Huxley - Mitchell Kontoff
Sir Charles Lyell - Charles Cavanaugh
Netty Huxley - Judy Robinson
Mary Lyell - Wendy Cohen

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Director - Leo Cohen
Assistant Director - Kimberly Eustis Cruz
Producers - Tony Egan and Freddie Mahlmann
Set & Lighting Designer - Don Hirsch
Technical Director - Chris Tall
Costumes - Sue Beaudin
Poster Design - Carol Gargon
Photographer - David Garten

The story of Charles Darwin and the experiences and adventures that culminated in his writing "The Origin of Species". The "Sandwalk" refers to as extensive, meandering garden at his home in the village of Down, which held a collection of the exotic and rare from around the world.

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