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August 15-25, 1980

Street Lady - Betty Hyde
Street Man - Charlie Cavanaugh
Carlton Danfield III - Dena Julius
Man Above - Courtney Fisher
Stanley/Policemen - Chase Riley
Nancy - Jane Milner
Gordon - Kris Garnjost
Harry - Herb Wolf
Flo - Trudi Wolf
Sally - Nancy "Deep" Strachan
Martin - Don Hirsch
Camille/Gilbey - Pam Kennedy
Joe Kaminsky - Curtis Wright
Workmen - Russ Chalom, JOhn Jaeger
Perez - Mark "Emmett" Bortnor
Devlin - John Callahan

Business Graphs

Director - David Sardi
Producer - Lenny Julius
Assistant Director - Karen Wender
Technical Director - Courtney Fisher
Lighting Designer - Leo Cohen
Sound Effects - Linda Leehman
Stage Manager - Lara Peterson
Properties - Joan Rae Sipple
Sound Engineer - Larry Barber
Make-up - Becky Kaufman, Patty Berns
Hairstylist - Peggy Orr
Stage Crew - Courtney Fisher, Kris Garnjost, Lara Peterson, Karen Wender, David Sardi, Charlie Cavanaugh, Debbie Kehoe, Adam Julius, Eric Aske, Trevor Atkinson, Mitchell Kontoff, Nancy Tompkins

Its focus is on Martin and Sally Cramer, whose twelve-year marriage is slowly disintegrating. He has become the stuffy headmaster of a fashionable Manhattan private school, while she clings to her dedication to the underprivileged and continues to teach in a ghetto public school. For him, their new high-rise apartment is a sign of their steady upward mobility; she is so unhappy with his need to earn and spend she moves all the antique furniture he has purchased to their first apartment on the Lower East Side. The growing chasm between them isn't helped by individual one-night stands, an unwanted pregnancy and consequent contemplation of abortion, an attempted mugging, and her racist cab driver father Joe Kaminsky.

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