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Young Frankenstein

October 4 - 20 2013

Cassandra Connor (Barre) ~ Mad Scientist 1, Tasha, Ensemble

Dave DeRosia (Worcester) ~ Monster

Sara Dillon (Montpelier) ~ Ziggy, Masha, Ensemble

Bryanna Doe (Montpelier) ~ Male Villager 3 &4, Steward, Ensemble

Sue Fetherolf (Waitsfield)~ Male Villager 5, Student 2, Ensemble

Emily Flinn (Northfield) ~ Herald, Seeing off Women 2, Ensemble

Thomas French (E. Montpelier) ~ Kemp, Mordecai, Mad Scientist 4, Ensemble

Talia Glass (Warren) ~ Elizabeth

Emma Golebie ~ Inga

Liam Hannon (Duxbury) ~ Victor, Student 1, Ensemble

Todd Jones ~ Freddie

Katie Kenworthy ~ Mad Scientist 3, Basha, Ensemble

Joseph Laston (Williamstown) ~ Igor

Susan Loynd ~ Male Villager 1, Purser, Bob, Ensemble

Jonah Neale (Moretown) ~ Hermit, Mr Hilltop, Ensemble

Michelle Nucci (Waitsfield) ~ Student 3, Telegraph Boy, Sasha, Ensemble

Cynthia Seckler (Fayston) ~ Male Viallager 2, Horse - Black, Ensemble

Rosemarie Smith (Fayston) ~ Frau

Riley Smith (Fayston) ~ Shoe Shine Boy and Mini Monster ( Puttin on the Ritz)

Lisa Spencer (Warren) ~ Horse-Decker, Mad Scientist 2, Ensemble

Jasmine White ~ Choreo

Mindy Woodworth (Barre) ~ Women Villager, Seeing Off Women 1, Ensemble

Susan & Karl Klein, Lisa Parro, Karen ~ Village Quartet

Business Graphs

Daniel Bruce (Montpelier) ~ Music Director

Shannon Pitonyak (Barre) ~ Director

Christa Lang (Worcester) & Susan Loynd (Fayston) ~ Co Producers)

Patten Harvey ~ Stage Manager

Marie Schmukal & Mike Paquette ~ Costumes

Henry Erickson (Warren) ~ Sets

Doug Bergstein (Warren) ~ Lights

IT’S ALIVE! A wickedly inspired re-imagining of the Frankenstein legend based on Mel Brooks’ classic 1974 comedy film masterpiece, the story follows bright young Dr. Frankenstein (that’s Fronkensteen) as he attempts to complete his grandfather’s masterwork and bring a corpse to life

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