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Raisinette Messages - Buy Now, View on March 20!

Get your Important Thoughts and Messages out to the World (or at least our Cabin Fever Follies audience!) by purchasing a Raisinette Message. Send short messages of love or sell your car! Even though the show will be Virtual this year, we will still have folks dressed up in crazy costumes and trash bags, dancing to "Heard It Through the Grapevine' as they show your message on posters.

Messages are $5 and are a great way to donate to the Valley Players. Below are some sample ideas!

"It's almost Spring and I'm almost Sprung! Cabin Fever is Real!'

"Great job, (insert name of performer), on your act!"

"(insert your name) LOVES (insert your partner's name)!!!"

"We           Cabin Fever Follies and the Valley Players!"

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