12th Annual Ten Fest


Thurs, Fri, Sat October 31 - November 2  Curtain at 8pm 

Sun., November 3 - Matinee only - Curtain at 2pm

Details coming in the summer

For Reservations, call: 802-583-1674, but not yet.

Leave a voice mail with your requests for reservations, or questions.


Tickets are $12 adults, $10 Children/Seniors and can be purchased at the door with cash or check made out to The Vermont Playwrights Circle



August 17 – August 20, 2017


Tenth Anniversary...
It's hard to believe we've produced 97 plays in ten years, but it's true! Is this TenFest 10? Or since it's our tenth year, doing ten-minute plays by ten Vermont authors, perhaps the moniker, TenFest3 is more apropos? TenFest Cubed... sounds like a sequel to "2012 a Space Odyssey..."

August 17th - August 20th
Curtains at 8pm Thurs - Sat and at 2pm on Sunday
Tickets: $12 General & $10 Students/Seniors

  1. Trenton Point by Lesley Becker, Directed by Lesley Becker

  2. The Appointment by Nancy Sugarman, Directed by Dvora Zipkin

  3. Four Ways the World Ends by Luc Reid, Directed by Jeanne Beckwith

  4. 1,3,2 by Michael Weems, Directed by Jeanne Beckwith

  5. Clumperville by Jack Rushton, Directed by Dvora Zipkin

  6. Pocket Change by Margery Sharp, Directed by Kim Ward

  7. A Boy’s Will by Kevin Stine, Directed by Tom Badowski

  8. Hello by Emm Frappier, Directed by Henry Erickson

  9. Her Worst Enemy by David Carkeet, Directed by Vince Broderick

  10. Making Friends is Easy by Liam Kuhn, Directed by Sarah McDougal



The Vermont Playwrights Circle brings an evening of comedy, drama, and surprises to the Valley Players Theater, for the 9th annual festival of ten new ten minute plays by Vermont playwrights.

Thursday, August 18-Sunday, August 21 2016 (Thurs., Fri. & Sat @8pm; Sun. @ 2pm)

1.       Ifs and Oughts, by Mary Beth McNulty; Directed by Jeanne Beckwith

            Jack: Vince Broderick

            Amy: Brenda Reeder


2.     To the Canal! By Dana Yeaton; Directed by Vince Broderick

            Sybyl: Dvora Zipkin

            Interviewer: Maddie Commo

            Gary:  tba


3.     It's all in the Eye, Marjorie O'Neill-Butler; Directed by Dvora Zipkin

            Carla: Christine Williamson

            Jaques: David Ehrlich

            Bailey: Susan Lloynd


4.     Salinger Does Standup, by Liam Kuhn; Directed by Sarah McDougal

            Sallinger: F.Brett Cox

            Claire: Sue Featherolf

            Heckler: Terry Ostrout


5.     Power Out! By Patrick Cornacchio; Directed by Jeanne Beckwith

            Oliver: Robert Nucci

            Marcus: Curtis Wilcox

6.     One Door Opens by Jessica Raymond; Directed by Henry Erickson

            Steve: F. Brett Cox

            Brenda: Mikki Nucci

            Lars: David Ehrlich


7.     Glacier by Lesley Becker; Directed by Gail Ehrlich

            Brianna: Pollaidh Major

            Alan: Curtis Wilcox


8.     Safety in Numbers by Geeda Searfoorce: Directed by Dvora Zipkin

            Sage: Pollaidh Major

            Rosemary: Susan Bauchner

            Tim: Bob Carmody


9.     Natural Selection by Roger Cranse; Directed by Tom Badowski

            Grace: Sara Lee

            Barbara: Sarah McDougal

            Young Ben: Curtis Wilcox

            Older Ben: tba


10.  The Wish by Joseph Krawczyk; Directed by Henry Erickson

            Steve: Bob Carmody

            Janis: Susan Bauchner

            Young Janis: Kohl Comtess

            Genie: Curtis Wilcox