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A Karaoke Christmas Carol

Saturday, Dec. 9, 6:00-10 pm

This holiday season, enjoy a "radio play"-style reading of this classic holiday story by Charles Dickens, punctuated by classic rock and pop songs that expand the story and are sung by... YOU!


From 6-6:45 pm, toss your song choices in various story-appropriate categories from our Big Book of Karaoke Songs into a hat, then enjoy your own snacks and BYOB beverages. At 7 pm, the Valley Players' very own Board of Directors will read the play, stopping at pivotal points in the story to draw a song out of a hat. If your song is chosen, YOU become part of the show and come up on stage to sing your song.


Don't want to sing? No problem, come to enjoy the show like you've never seen it before! $10 suggested donation can be made at the door. No reservations needed.

The Cast:
Narrator/MC - Shannon Sanborn
Scrooge - Henry Erickson
Marley, Fred Merry, Fezziwig, and others - Susan Loynd
Bob Cratchit, the Ghost of Christmas Past, and others - Doug Bergstein
Ghost of Christmas Present, Belle, Fan, and others - Marci Robinson
Mrs. Cratchit, Margaret Merry,
and others - Ruth Ann Pattee
Sound effects - Sharon Kellermann

Song Categories (not all should be Christmas songs, unless noted - any song that fits the category will do - pop, rock, country, whatever!

A song about drinking

A classic Christmas song

A song about chains or being trapped

A song about the glory days/days gone by

A song about celebration/parties

A Christmas song

A song about time

A song about morning

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