Noises Off by Michael Frayn - our fall 2021 production
Auditions - June 13 & 15                                                                        Shows - Sept. 24-26, Oct. 1-3, & Oct. 8-10

The Valley Players announce auditions for Noises Off – often described as “a play within a play, a farce within a farce” by Michael Frayn – on Sunday, June 13 at 1 PM and Tuesday, June 15 at 7 PM at the theater on Main Street (Rt. 100) in Waitsfield.  Four men and four women plus one role that can be played by either, stage ages 25 to 70, are sought. Rehearsals will be Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday evenings starting July 11. The show is directed by Joanne Puente.


In the play, the cast is a touring company rehearsing for a British farce called “Nothing On” (British accents are not required). It is the night before the first show opens after only 2 weeks of rehearsal.  The show involves lots of slamming doors and plates of sardines as well as romantic relationships both on and off stage.  Act I ends when the cast finishes rehearsing Act I of “Nothing On”. Act II is four weeks later and relationships (both friendly and romantic) are beginning to change and get frazzled. This act is Act I of “Nothing On” as seen from backstage - more slamming doors and sardines as well as bouquets of flowers and costume mishaps. Act III  is four weeks later – Act I of “Nothing On” as seen again from the audience point of view.  Total mayhem!

Cast of Characters - ages below are stage ages – actors will be considered even if younger or older.  The notation of “plays….” indicates the “actor’s” character in “Nothing On”. Actors familiar with the play (or movie – the play is better!) will know that there are pratfalls and that Brooke wears “scanty clothing” for some of the play.  This can be adjusted and discretely done – do not let that stop you from auditioning for a role.


Dotty Otley – 40’s to 60’s – plays Mrs. Crackett (housekeeper) – seasoned but forgetful actress – having a secret love affair with Gary


Lloyd Dallas  – 40’s to 60’s – Director – mostly benevolent but prone to verbal outbursts when things go wrong – secretly having love affairs with both Poppy and Brooke (unknown to each other)


Gary Lejeune – 30’s - plays Roger Tramplemane (house rental agent) – can’t finish a sentence, gets flustered if plot goes off script – secret love affair with Dotty


Brooke Ashton – 20’s – plays Vicki (Internal Revenue agent) – spends most of her “off-stage” time primping or doing meditation exercises – sticks to script once she learns it – having secret affair with Lloyd


Freddie Fellowes – 35 to 50 – plays Phillip Brent (playwright) – gets confused easily with plot line – peace loving, any sign of aggression gives him nose bleeds (discreetly and comedically done)


Belinda Blair – 35 to 50 – plays Flavia Brent (Phillips’ wife) – dedicated to putting on a good show – tries to keep stage action going and cast together whenever things start to go wrong


Selsdon Mawbray – 50’s + - plays the Burglar - seasoned actor past prime – hard of hearing – always trying to sneak off for a drink


Tim/Tammy Allgood– any age, can be male or female – Stage Manager – hard working – always trying to meet Lloyd’s demands and keep the show going


Poppy Norton-Taylor – 20’s – Assistant Stage Manager – having secret affair with Lloyd – quiet in Act I but get feisty in Act II



  • This show will not have an actual stage manager.  The characters of stage and assistant stage manager will take care of props/some sound effects, etc. as part of their stage roles.

  • The set is a revolving set - it changes to “backstage” for Act II during intermission. And changes back for Act III in front of the audience (takes just a few minutes) and the cast will assist (very simple to do). Joanne will also assist.

QUESTIONS? Contact the director HERE