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Bedroom Farce

May 29-June 8, 1981

Trevor - Charlie Cavanaugh
Nick - Don Hirsch
Kate - Lyn Austin
Suzannah - Patty Berns
Jan - Robin Grinnell
Ernest - John Jaegar
Delia - Trudy Wolf
Malcolm - Mark "Emmett" Bortner

Business Graphs

Director - Curtis Wright
Producer - Pamela Kennedy
Set Design - Debbi Kehoe
Lighting Design - Tom Shea
Set Decorator - Joan Monihan
Costume Design - Laurie Thomphson
Graphic Design - Ron Barger
Sound - Dream On Productions
Asst. Directors - Reed Devereux, Cyndy Hyde
Stage Managers - Elan Van Ness, Jane Milner
Properties - Beverly Kehoe, Louise Jennings, Barbara Wright
Lighting Crew - Joan Rae Sipple, Sharon Kellermann
Hair Stylist - Beth Dennee, High Country Hair
Make-up - Beth Dennee, Gretchen Smith, Nancy Connor, Patty Berns
Photography - Jack Hurdman, Mark Walker, Pam Kennedy, Beverly Kehoe
Set Construction - Jack Mosley, Don Hirsch, Hanne Williams, Cyndy Hyde, Trudy Wolf, Reed Devereux, Huck Davies, Debbi Kehoe, Russ Chalom, Charles Cavanaugh, Laurie, Thompson, Barbara Wright

The play takes place in three bedrooms during one night and the following morning. The cast consists of four married couples. At the beginning of the play, the oldest couple, Delia and Ernest, are getting ready to go out for a meal to celebrate their wedding anniversary; Malcolm and Kate, the youngest, are about to host a housewarming party, to which the other two couples, Jan and Nick and Susannah and Trevor (the only ones whose bedroom is not seen), have been invited. At the last minute Nick has hurt his back and is unable to go. The complicating factor is that Jan used to be Trevor's girlfriend, and after Susannah and Trevor have a blazing row, Susannah finds Trevor kissing Jan. As a result Susannah leaves the party and goes to visit Delia and Ernest, whose connection with the rest of the plot is that they are Trevor's parents; she ends up sharing Delia's bed, while Ernest is forced to sleep in the spare room. Meanwhile Trevor himself, feeling unable to go home, is also offered a bed in a spare room by Kate, but decides to go and "straighten things out" with Nick and Jan, leaving Kate waiting up for him. Eventually Trevor and Susannah seem to be reconciled, but at the end of the play the audience might doubt whether this state of affairs will last.

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