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Love ~ The Human Comedy: A Festival of Six 10-Minute Plays

August 7 - 10 2008

“Recuerdo” by Judith Estrine

Director: Anne Dillon, Waitsfield
Cast: Nina Brennan
Zebulon Towne

“Sweet Potato Pie(s)” by Nancy Gall-Clayton

Director: Henry Erickson
Cast: Krista Cheney, St George
Francis Moran, Moretown

She calls it "a smell," he considers it "an aroma," but ultimately, their blind date isn't a total bust. Breaking bread with a blind date can be dicey.

“The Joy of Sex” by Kitty Dubin

Director: Linda Iannuzzi of Waitsfield
Cast: Andra Kisler, Northfield
Carly Boyle, Waitsfield
Aidan Nevin, Moretown

Married less than a year, a young couple seeks help from an upbeat marriage counselor who's in way over her head.

“The Kindling Effect” by Linda Holland Rathkopf..

Director: Vickie Trihy
Cast: Linda Iannuzzi, Waitsfield
Josh Krushenick, Warren

A young wife’s surprising agitation over the disappearance of a patio umbrella puzzles her husband and tries his patience. But as he and the audience soon discover, her distress has a more serious source.

“First Tier” by Linda Holland Rathkopf

Director: Mitchell Kontoff, Fayston
Cast: Mike McHugh, Waitsfield
Diana Nordahl, Waitsfield

A married couple test the limits of friendship.

“Blockbuster” by Kitty Dubin

Director: Martin Pincus, Montpelier
Cast: Nina Brennan
Josh Krushenick, Warren

Sparks fly when a man and woman, with very different taste in films, meet at a video store.

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