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On the 20th Century

August 14-24, 1981

Oscar Jaffe - Jim Parker
Lily Garland - Nancy Tompkins
Lily Understudy - Sue Pacolitch
Bruce Granit - Mike Kolifrather
Oliver Webb - Charles Cavanaugh
Owen O'Malley - Lee Gordon
Letitia Peabody Primrose - Nancy Groff
Max Jacobs - Chris La Brusciano
Grover Lockwood - Jim Sanford
Dr. Johnson - Jane Milner
Agnes - Sue Meyers
Imelda Thronton - Nancy Idol
Conductor - Mitchell Kontoff

Business Graphs

Director – Leo Cohen
Assistant Director – Shelby Friml
Stage Managers – Mark Castle & Joann Flanagan
Costumes – April Hyson
Properties – Gael Jacobson & Philip Tillson
Lighting Assistant – Ellie Friml
Make up – Becky Kaufman, Lesley Smith, Carrie Smith, Patty Berns
Hairstylist – Peggy Orr, Beth Dennee
Program/poster – Ron Barger

Based partly on the 1930s film and play of the same name, the musical is part operetta, part farce and part screwball comedy. The story involves the behind-the-scenes relationship between Lily, a temperamental actress and Oscar, a bankrupt theatre producer. On a luxury train traveling from Chicago to New York in the 1920s, Oscar tries to cajole the glamorous Hollywood star into playing the lead in his new, but not-yet-written drama, and perhaps to rekindle their romance.

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