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The Lion in Winter

March, 1984

Henry II, King of England - Fred Pacolitch
Alais, a French Princess - Julia Hiscock
John, the youngest son - Charley McGandy
Geoffrey, the middle son - Will Capps
Richard Lionheart, the oldest son - Michael Fisher
Eleanor, Henry's wife - Jennifer Howard
Philip, King of France - Bill Parker

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Director - Charlie Cavanaugh
Producer - David Black
Set Design - Julia Hiscock
Lighting - Rich Kuglics, John (Flyback) Flanagan
Stage Managers - JoAnn Flanagan, Dana Farley
Set Construction - Debbi Kehoe (coordinator), Curtis Wright, Jennifer Howard, Will Capps, Peter joslin, Julia Hiscock, Charlie Cavanaugh, Fred Pacolitch
Stone Masons - Debbi Kehoe, David Reed, Eileen bass, Courtney Fisher
Properties - Nancy Wong, Wendy Cohen
Costumes - Wendy Cohen, Betsy Connor
Make-up - Debbi Kehoe, Karen Brizee
Hair Stylist - Peggy Orr, High Country Coiffures
Poster Design - Julia Hiscock
Photography - David Black

Set during Christmas 1183 at Henry II of England's castle in Chinon, Anjou, Angevin Empire, the play opens with the arrival of Henry's wife Eleanor of Aquitaine, whom he has had imprisoned since 1173. The story concerns the gamesmanship between Henry, Eleanor, their three surviving sons Richard, Geoffrey, and John, and their Christmas Court guest, the King of France, Philip II Augustus (French: Philippe Auguste), who was the son of Eleanor's ex-husband, Louis VII of France (by his third wife, Adelaide). Also involved is Philip's half-sister Alais (by Louis VII's second wife Constance), who has been at court since she was betrothed to Richard at age eight, but has since become Henry's mistress.

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