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Undefeated Champ: a Live Comedic Dungeons & Dragons Show
One Night Only: Friday, May 3
7 pm - BYO snacks & beverages

$5 suggested donation / Raffle tickets for prizes - 1 for $2, 3 for $5

The Chaos Team is back bringing you more hilarious nerdy action! After their adventures in the Tomb of Wonder last November, the party is recruited to help protect famous local wildlife from poachers . This task, however, is not all that it seems.

The Players:

Jordan Streeter (Moretown) - The Dungeon Master
Allen Morgan (Burlington) - Old Roald the Bold
Jon van Luling (Burlington) - Gnarly Undercarriage
Eric Badger (Waterburyz) -Jim the Swolomancer
Izzy Grae (St. Albans) - Bungi


Admission for the audience is a $5 donation to the Valley Players Theater. This show is "rated" PG13 for some language and figurative violence and will last approx. 2 hours with a short intermission. Audience members are encouraged to bring CASH for their donation and raffle purchases; the Valley Players Venmo code will also be available to scan for purchases.


Dungeons and Dragons is essentially a collective storytelling experience. The players create characters they control and the game master creates the world in which the characters interact with each other, other peoples, monsters, landscapes, and of course dungeons.

Players are free to interact with the world as they wish. However, no matter what they want to do nor how good they are at something, there is always a chance of failure. The 20-sided die, or D20, determines the success or failure of the characters' actions.

While there are a lot of rules to the game, table top role playing is about being creative and spontaneous which more often than not ends up being hilarious. Playing these games in front of an audience adds an extra amount of spontaneity. Audience members can make additional donations (to the Valley Players) to participate in the show by altering game events at set times, such as:

  • Make a player re-roll a check.

  • Add/Subtract/Change monsters in a fight.

  • Bonuses to rolls. 


The raffle tickets will be drawn for a prize at the end of the show. Doors will open at 6:30.

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