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AUDITIONS for our winter murder mystery!

Roles for 9 women in Thomas Hischak's

Murder by Membership Only                  AUDITION DATES: Dec. 13 & 14 

by Thomas Hischak                                                                                                                                            @ 6:30

Directed by Ruth Ann Pattee                                                                                          Call Backs Dec. 15 @ 6:30

This murder mystery-comedy for 9 actresses occurs in the exclusive Orczy Club, an "inner sanctum" for women mystery writers in London. Most of them hate the arrogant Octavia Sturges, the most successful mystery writer of the day, so it is no surprise when she is found dead—poisoned by one of the poisons she was so fond of using in her stories. But what happens now? Should these specialists in murder try to solve the case themselves—at the risk of their own lives, since obviously the murderer is one of them—or should they call Scotland Yard? "How would it look if a roomful of mystery writers had to go to the police to solve a murder that took place under their very noses?" one of the characters in this play asks. The group decides to solve the murder themselves. Those present are the owner of the club, (a "big name" herself some years ago), two other writers, a critic, a journalist, a visitor from America who has just had her first mystery novel published, the cook (whose food Sturges hates), and Sturges' long-suffering secretary. It is no surprise when Sturges turns up murdered. Each of the remaining eight have an untold secret which causes suspicion to rise and there are many other surprises in this intriguing mystery play filled with humor, suspense, and fun for the audience in trying to guess "whodunit?"

The Characters:

Hester Tandy, an English mystery writer, 30-40 years old; intelligent, frank, likable.

Lydia Beaton, private secretary to Mrs. Sturges, a spinster in late middle age; cold, efficient, nervous.

Mrs. Plimpton, a member of the Orczy Club, 40-50 years old; quiet, aloof, but dominates the conversation when she speaks.

Madame LeCoq, the proprietor of the Club, from France, she is a former mystery author in her 60’s; motherly, warm.

Clarice Furgusson, also a mystery writer and member of the Club in her 50’s; harsh, impatient, not well liked.

Mrs. Balser, the cook, in her late middle age; quiet, but manages to make her complaints known.

Eve Hawkins, an American writer, 20’s to 30’s; fresh, vibrant, talkative.

Octavia Sturges, a famous mystery writer and celebrity, 50-70; loud, demanding, snobbish.

May Cobbs, a journalist in her 20’s; awkward, uncomfortable, nearly always says the wrong thing.

Note - all ages listed are "stage ages", i.e. what age the actor can look like on stage.

QUESTIONS? Contact director Ruth Ann Pattee at ruthann@valleyplayers.com

Auditions: Dec. 13 & 14 @ 6:30. Call Backs by invitation on Dec. 15 @ 6:30. Auditions will consist of reading from the script. No advance preparation is required; copies of the script will be available for reading in the Warren Library & the Joslin (Waitsfield) Library beginning Dec. 1, 2022.

Rehearsals begin Jan. 3

3x per week; exact days TBD after casting

Production Week (Mandatory):

Feb. 27-29 & March 2 (March 1 is dark)

SHOW DATES: March 3-19, 2023

Fridays & Saturdays @ 7:00

Sundays @ 2:00


Director - Ruth Ann Pattee

Stage Manager - Joanne Puente

Lighting Designer & Operator - Irene Halibozek