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Murder by Membership Only                       SHOW DATES: March 16-19

by Thomas Hischak                                                                                      Thursday, Friday, & Saturday @ 7 pm   Directed by Ruth Ann Pattee                                                                                                         Sunday @ 2 pm  


This murder mystery-comedy takes place in the exclusive (fictional) Orczy Club, an "inner sanctum" for women mystery writers in London. Most of them hate the arrogant Octavia Sturges, the most successful mystery writer of the day, so it is no surprise when she is found dead—poisoned by one of the poisons she was so fond of using in her stories. But what happens now? Should these specialists in murder try to solve the case themselves—at the risk of their own lives, since obviously the murderer is one of them—or should they call Scotland Yard? "How would it look if a roomful of mystery writers had to go to the police to solve a murder that took place under their very noses?" one of the characters in this play asks. The group decides to solve the murder themselves. Those present are the owner of the club, (a "big name" herself some years ago), two other writers, a critic, a journalist, a visitor from America who has just had her first mystery novel published, the cook (whose food Sturges hates), and Sturges' long-suffering secretary. It is no surprise when Sturges turns up murdered. Each of the remaining eight have an untold secret which causes suspicion to rise and there are many other surprises in this intriguing mystery play filled with humor, suspense, and fun for the audience in trying to guess "whodunit?"

Casting Info for the final weekend:
4 roles are "double-cast"

THURSDAY MARCH 16: Stefanie Seng as Hester Tandy; Mikki Nucci as Lydia Beaton; Carrie Phillips as Mrs. Plimpton; Danielle Dukette as Clarice Furgusson

FRIDAY MARCH 17 & 18: Kohl Comtess as Hester Tandy; Marci Robinson as Lydia Beaton; Marie Schmukal as Mrs. Plimpton; Cynthia Seckler as

Clarice Furgusson
SUNDAY MARCH 19: Kohl Comtess as Hester Tandy; Mikki Nucci as Lydia Beaton; Carrie Phillips as Mrs. Plimpton; Danielle Dukette as Clarice Furgusson

APPEARING AT ALL PERFORMANCES: Irene Halibozek as Eve Hawkins; Joanne Puente as Madame Le Coq; Charlotte Robinson as Mrs. Balser; Anna Brundage as May Cobbs; and Robbie Harold as Octavia Sturges.


Director - Ruth Ann Pattee

Stage Manager - Joanne Puente

Lighting Designer - Irene Halibozek

Set Build Crew Chief - Mikki Nucci

March 16-19
Thursday @ 7 pm - tickets only $10!
Friday & Saturday @ 7 pm - tickets $18
Sunday @ 2 pm - tickets $14


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Check out this interview with director Ruth Ann Pattee and cast member Mikki Nucci

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