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Cactus Flower

October 25-28, 1979

Toni Simmons - Cathy Morrison
Igor Sullivan - Bruce Magan
Stephanie Dickinson - Nancy Groff
Mrs. Dixon Durant - Jennifer Howard
Dr. Julian Winston - David Sardi
Harvey Greenfield - Jerry Troop
Senor Arturo Sanchez - Charles Cavanaugh
Music Lover - Nancy Reutzler
Waiter - Malcolm Appleton
Boticelli's Springtime - Nancy "Deep" Strachan

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Directed by Don Hirsch
Producers - Elan Stevens & Jane Milner
Asst. Director - Lara Peterson
Technical Director - Jack Mosley
Set Designer - Don Hirsch
Lighting Designer - Jascha Dunes
Light Operator - Philippe Thery
Sound - Rich Panter & Larry Barber
Stage Manager - Ruth Geer
Properties/Costumes - Sally "Roses" Mehegan
Set Construction - Laura Appleton, Malcolm Appleton, Amy Beattle, Read
Devereux, Carol Duley, Ann LaBrusciano, Jack Mosley, Sue Parrot

Based on the play "Fleur de Cactus" by Pierre Barillet and Jean-Pierre Gredy, the comedy focuses on the relationship between young, wild Toni and her older, married lover Julian, a dentist. Convinced the two have no future together, Toni attempts suicide, and a guilt-ridden Julian rashly proposes he leave his wife so the couple can be together. However, Julian has never revealed to Toni that his "marriage" is actually an elaborate lie concocted to keep Toni at arm's length. Toni refuses to break up his household without first meeting and talking with Julian's soon-to-be-ex, so Julian enlists the aid of his shy spinster assistant Stephanie to pose as his non-existent wife. Complications arise when Toni decides the two must find her a new beau so everyone concerned can live happily ever after.

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