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production jobs

we love volunteers!

Assistant Director

Works with Director. Helps rehearse scenes and other stuff

Assistant Producer

Works with Producer/Director to do administrative stuff like organizing and overseeing jobs, scheduling etc.

Promotion/Publicity Coordinator

Responsible for all publicity related to the show. Including either doing the jobs below or finding people to do them and overseeing their work.

Poster Designer

Designs poster within specifications required by publisher, producer and director.

Poster Distribution

Organizes others to put up posters in Valley, Montpelier, Waterbury. Usually gets cast and crew to do it by sign up sheet which we have.

Writing articles, Press Releases

Writes articles for Valley Reporter over 6 weeks. Press releases for all other newspapers done for auditions and for production for all media 1 to 2 weeks prior to Opening

Radio Ad/PSA (Public Service Announcements)

Arrange for 30-60 second ad. Write and perform or get actors to do radio psa for 30 second spot. Usually use script dialogue. Or arrange for radio to do this.

Tent Cards & Bulk Mail.

Make up postcards from poster mail to Valley residents. Tent cards for businesses and restaurants

Scrapbook Maker

Collects all artifacts: photos, program and puts it into a scrapbook for archives.

Poster Putter Upper

Just what it sounds like. Put up posters in the Valley and Montpelier or on your car or email it to friends to put up. Ask the producer where!

Party Planner

Plans the Cast Party..where, when and what and any in between events.

Make-up and Hair

Designs make up, helps cast to put on make up. Organizes

Make up box. Hair Stylist Like the make up only with hair.

Ticket Seller

Sells tickets at the door. Needs cool head, some charm and reasonably good math skills. Fill out tally form each night.

House Parents (Ushers)

Comes early on show nights. Help audience find seat, hand out programs, serve refreshment, deal with emergencies, clean house after the show. Makes sure house is clean before the show. In the absence of House Manager or Producer, works with the Stage Manager to start the show.

House Manager

The Coordinator gets a team of ushers (known as house parents) who are responsible for setting up and cleaning the house, seating, refreshments and generally keeping the audience happy. Usually two different house parents each night. House Manager organizes refreshments. Works with the Interfaith Council to have refreshments made.

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